Where on earth is...

Sunday: Scavenger Hunt Day.

Every once in a while a friend (JaNaie') throws a scavenger hunt. It's a pretty big deal... She has a flow chart she uses to keep track of where people are, and what clues each group is supposed to find and in what order... Fun times. We finished the day at Columbo's eating pizza, drinking beer, and playing the video games there until Colt broke them. Ruined our fun, AND ruined the fun of every child in the room. Thanks, Colt.

The Team fresh out of Hastings. On to the next clue! On the right, we're putting together one of our clues...

Hunting in the bowling alley. Colt got a strike on the first try and Whitney had to take a picture of the score.

Clue: impossible to find because it's in the wrong section children's book. We had to find a ball at the end of a tangled string on the car. Last pic is in the car.

Pics taken by cellphone.

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