Worksite Ergonomics

Seeing a lot of patients on CE III who could avoid a lot of pain by making minor changes to working conditions. Pay attention to ergonomics.  MOVE as much as you can to take breaks.  See a physical therapist!



Freakonomics Repost...

Freakonomics is one of my favorite blogs.  This is a post about the new Danish fat tax and just how misguided policy makers were in creating this legislation...  This fat tax, as pointed out in the article by Steve Sexton, disadvantages the poor for being too poor to make healthy eating decisions.

This kind of legislation has proven marginally effective in the past with smoking cessation.  As a sin tax, smoking cessation is completely that unhealthy eating.  EVERYBODY HAS TO EAT.  And we can't all afford $5.00 - $9.00 for a red pepper at the Community No-Op.

Anyway, great article.  The answer isn't always just "live more like us healthy people!" Give it a read:

The Orwellian Efficiency of a “Being Fat” Tax