Your Carharts...

...should have to be checked in!

I just finished reading my National Physical Therapy Exam again courtesy of the FSBPT. 5 hours of stress, headache, and suicidal ideation and I decided to take a few days off!  Flying from Cody to Denver for the first time. Hard not to chuckle a little at the stacks of carhart jackets and boots people are trying to squeeze into those little plastic bins. 

6am flight. That's all I have today.


  • Structure of Scientific Revolutions - Kuhn 
  • Still Alice 
  • A First Rate Madness: Uncovering the Links between Leadership and Mental Illness - Ghaemi 

On the Docket: 

  • All The Strange Hours - Loren Eiseley
  • Start with WHY - Sinek 
  • Phantoms in the Brain - Ramachandran
  • Battle Royale - Rowaiaru
  • Doctors: The Biography of Medicine - Nuland 
  • The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives - Mlodinow 
  • Ready Player One - Cline 
  • How Doctors Think - Groopmman 
  • Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Aspergers - Robinson 
  • Second Opinions - Groopman 
  • One for the Money - Evanovich
  • Every Patient Tells a Story - Sanders 
  • The Fifth Discipline - Senge
  • Only What They Could Carry - ??
  • Under the Banner of Heaven - Krakauer
  • Hippocrates Shadow - Newman 
  • Consciousness Explained - Dennett 
  • Death of the Guilds - Krause 
  • Painful Yarns - Lorimer Moseley
  • The Best Practice - Kenney 
  • The Black Swan: Impact of Highly Improbable - Taleb 
  • Dan Brown Books -  The Da Vinci Code
  • Checklist Manifesto - Gawande 
  • Blink - Gladwell (re-read) 
  • One Step at a Time - Bliell 
  • Courage to Teach - Palmer
  • The Seven Laws of Magical Thinking.. - Hutson
  • Blindness - Jose Saramago
  • The Road - McCarthy
  • The Postman - David Brin
  • Oryx and Crake - Margaret Atwood
  • A Canticle for Leibowitz - Miller
  • Alas, Babylon - Frank
  • Z for Zachariah - O'Brien
  • Answer to the Question: What is Enlightenment? - Kant

Note to self (again)...

Rule #1: Keep Your Mouth Shut
Rule #2: You Reap What You Sow
Rule #3: No One Can Help Your or Be Helped By You if You Won't Help Yourself
Rule #4: You Do Not Know Everything
Rule #5: Pull When Possible
Rule #6: First Seek to Understand, Then to Be Understood
Rule #7: Do The Job, And Do It Well


Can Anybody Help Me?

Want a checkbox to write this sentence (a very small portion of a much larger project) and it's not working... Any ideas??? Much longer (non-functioning) version here: MvtDscROUGH

Does anyone reading know PAXScript?

function LowerFirst( InStr: String ): String;
begin result := LowerCase( Copy(Instr,1,1) ) + Copy(Instr,2,1000);
begin IF SF.GetFieldText('ExamMeasurement','ZZTRNSTYPE')='' THEN
   FOXTROT:='Patient is able to perform ' +

SF.AssignFieldText('ExamMeasurement','ZZTRNSNOTE',FOXTROT+NOTES); END; END;