COIT Tower

Stacie and I went on a hike to COIT tower. Apparently some lady that was romantically involved with a fireman donated a bunch of money and some stupid tower to the city of SF. Not a lot of pictures of this, but I'll give it my best description.

Stacie insisted on going WAY out of the way to hike some stairs (like a million stairs) to get to this tower. There are a couple pictures from that. Once we got to the tower, there was a gift shop roughly the size of a shoe-box if it were wrapped around a tall garbage can (that would be the tower). You have to buy a ticket for a few dollars to go to the top of this mega-trash can.

Once yo uhave your ticket, you pile into an elevator roughly the size of a toe nail (sticking with the trash-can/shoebox analogy scaling). Standing room only. You'd better have good breath or keep your goddamn mouth shut. The tour guide rambled on about the history of the trash can, but I couldn't understand a word of it. His breath was't very good either.

Once you reach the top of the elevator, you have to go up a spiral flight of stairs - more stairs... Along the way, you pass by all the other people that got to the top of the trash can, and decided they wanted to go back down. This line is a long line. It's nice they give you something to look forward to...

The rim of the can: big windows, extremely crowded with both tourists trying to get a good view of the fog and people who saw the fog waiting in line to go back down the elevator. FAIL. We looked around, elbowed a bunch of people, laughed at some people doing Segway Tours, and then got in line to go back down. The tour guide had a second speech for the trip back down which was equally stinky and muddled.

We left the tower in search of Lombard Street. Stacie had the map and was reading it upside down. More walking... Apparently, Lombard street was on the EXACT OPPOSITE side of us...


Some rich person's back yard, and some other rich person's outside wall...

A view from the top.

Hey Stacie, find Lombard Street!!! "OOh, here it is!"