Denver and Stacie Do Alcatraz

I was bored one afternoon at work, and found a ride on craigslist headed to SF. Found another one headed back to MT later in the week. Thursday night I called the guy headed to SF, Friday I found coverage at work. Saturday I typed out a To-Do list for the guy covering me. I was gone on Sunday, and drinking coffee with Stacie Monday morning.

First thing's first... Lets get drunk and go to Alcatraz! We are most definitely anti-prohibition.

Next stop, The Rock!

The ferry captain told us "If you two stand out in front like that you will get wet!" We took funny pictures and DARED him to soak us.

Famous last words: "You know, for warning us about getting wet, I'm REALLY dry right n...*SPLASH*" We were splashed several times after the initial spraying, and remained outside until the salty wet was too much to deal with. We were almost to the door to get inside and got NAILED by the biggest wave yet. We didn't stop laughing for 10 minutes.

As you can see, Stacie was still wet upon incarceration. I've been trying to think of a good caption for this picture and only came up with "You must be 56" tall (the green line) to go on the tour." and "Welcome to OZ bitch!"

Misc pics from inside Alcatraz. In the picture on the top right, I was learning something. Top left is a cell (a guest bedroom of sorts). The bottom left is a view of the solitary confinement cells. Bottom right is the playground. This is where the inmates were allowed to play kickball, four-square, handball, and their own special version of UFC.

Thug Life with a view...

More misc pictures. No good captions. Ending the tour and headed back to the city. We sat on the back of the ferry this time, and didn't get wet.

Stacie and I were CLEARLY drunk and loving life when this picture was taken. Standing in ferry line to get to The Rock, the tour people take pictures of you against a background showing the island.
Tour Tickets: ?? (Stacie paid...)
Beers: $18
Pre-Tour Pictures: $22
Ending the tour by taking a picture OF a $22 picture, re-racking the picture and calling everyone else standing in line waiting to pay $22 for a picture suckers: Priceless.

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