Potshot Ambition: Coffee Shop Weekdays, Hardware Weekends.

Just living the dream. Finals is in 4 weeks and includes lots of stuff. I'm pretty sure I'm going to sweat caffeine again. Soooo, that will be fun (see Caffeine Pit Stains).

I other news, the house I was buying FINALLY closed. There is a picture below. It isn't really big, but it's big enough, and close enough to stumble hungover to campus instead of driving to school drunk first thing in the morning when circumstances require. I'm sure there were some mothers out there pretty MADD about that.

The inside had an interesting color scheme. It screamed "I just finished my first semester of my AA in Graphic Design and finished a Home Depot workshop on color schemes so I'm going to wing it!" There was a pink room, a yellow room, and 2 rooms that were their own unique flavor of vomit (one yager, one tequilla). You'd be amazed at how quickly 10 or 11 drunk grad students can paint the inside of a house! I got to buy a drill, a rake, and a couple other fun implements of destruction. Shades in the mail tomorrow.

And by the way - when did Home Depot start sucking? I'm looking for... lets call it a dowel-pin-nut-thing. I show up to the appropriate portion of the store saying to myself "Self, surely someone here can identify this!" The lady there didn't know a nut from a bolt let alone what this thing was called or where in the mile long stretch of shiny stuff hanging on the wall to find my little toy. "You were wrong, self. And don't call me Shirley." Next task: A Drill. I have a 12v battery and no charger. I show up to the drill section while I wait for Rip VanWinkle to tell me they don't carry a battery charger for my drill and that he doesn't know anything about batteries, drills, or chargers anyway. Fail. I bought a rake and decide to go home.