DIY Laptop Cord Mouse Trap

Supplies Needed:
  • Mouse - at least one.
  • Baking Dish
  • Cheese and/or Peanut Butter
  • Laptop Cord.

ICD-9: 728.87 (Generalized Weakness): Insufficient strength prevents mouse from lifting heavy objects and participating in great mouse escape. Appears to be motivated, but stupid. Potential for patient to achieve patient goals: poor. Skilled PT 3x weekly for 8 - 10 weeks with therapies to include therapeutic exercise, therapeutic activities, functional self care/occupational training, manual therapy, modalities, physical agents, and patient education.

You must first discover and identify your foe - get to know feeding habits.

Phase II: Set the trap - Cheese with Peanut butter under a baking dish supported by a laptop cord. I am on a clinical rotation in Wyoming and do not have off hand things like yarn, sufficient boxes, or real mouse traps. I do however have my laptop, the charging cord, a piece of cheese, some bakeware, and lots of extra time.

CAPTURED!!! Hypothesis confirmed. Far too weak to lift a baking dish. Evolution and Gravity prevail!!! Now... A name... Meet Paul Newman!


DPT 750

I am on my first clinical rotation as a Doctor of Physical Therapy Student. 6 weeks in Thermopolis, WY. I am in clinics in Basin, WY and Worland, WY learning hands on how to manage patients, document, educate, and relax again. Excited to be here DOING something and learning instead of sitting in a class room for 8 hours a day practicing my backwards pen flip, updating facebook statuses, and pondering the approximate amount of adaptive shortening my hip muscles have gone through. Good times.

About Thermopolis (in no order): ~3,174 people. A few less deer. A neighbor with Owls. Nobody has successful gardens or small pets. 1 Stoplight referred to as "The Stoplight." 1 hardware store. 1 Sports Store with sports stuff in it. 1 Sports Store with dead animals in it. 4 - 7 restaurants (hard to pin down an exact number - like cockroaches). 3 Hot Springs. 2 Parks. 1 Cultural Center. 2 Grocery Stores. 2 or fewer police cruisers on duty at any one time. Rafting. Floating. Golf. A hill behind my back yard and that's all there is back there. Buffalo. Cheap poultry and expensive fruit. 1 movie theater. And finally, one video store that has every episode of The Waltons on VHS. God Bless 'Merica!