John, Denver, and a Turkey (or Denver, John?)

Picture of John and I with the finished turkey - good shot for relative size of the bird compared to John an I.


Turkey and Potato Eating Extravaganza!

Lots of people came over. There are lots of pictures too. Good times. I have mountains of extra food that people left, including 2 pies, bourbon sweet potatoes, mashed candied yams, casserole with green beans, jello, ice cream, whipped cream, turkey (lots), eye glasses, 2 chairs, a camera case, 2 cookie sheets, wine, beer, and a big mess. Happy holidays!

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Turkey and Potato Eating Extravaganza!

I'm staying in Denver over Thanskgiving. It's too far a drive for too much $ to justify leaving for the short thanksgiving break. It's fine though, because I've invited classmates over for thanksgiving and have a guest list over 10 now. Should be a good time!

In other (but related) news, I have cooked 3 turkeys now. There is at least 20 pounds of turkey meat (after carving) that we have frozen or eaten. Turkey and mashed potatoes, turkey sandwiches, turkey for the sake of turkey, turkey grilled cheese, turkey enchiladas, turkey chili, turkey taquitos, and a great big county fair style turkey leg.

There is one more bird to carve, and one more after that to cook ON thanksgiving. I'm still not sure if it's enough. Maybe one more???