DIY Laptop Cord Mouse Trap

Supplies Needed:
  • Mouse - at least one.
  • Baking Dish
  • Cheese and/or Peanut Butter
  • Laptop Cord.

ICD-9: 728.87 (Generalized Weakness): Insufficient strength prevents mouse from lifting heavy objects and participating in great mouse escape. Appears to be motivated, but stupid. Potential for patient to achieve patient goals: poor. Skilled PT 3x weekly for 8 - 10 weeks with therapies to include therapeutic exercise, therapeutic activities, functional self care/occupational training, manual therapy, modalities, physical agents, and patient education.

You must first discover and identify your foe - get to know feeding habits.

Phase II: Set the trap - Cheese with Peanut butter under a baking dish supported by a laptop cord. I am on a clinical rotation in Wyoming and do not have off hand things like yarn, sufficient boxes, or real mouse traps. I do however have my laptop, the charging cord, a piece of cheese, some bakeware, and lots of extra time.

CAPTURED!!! Hypothesis confirmed. Far too weak to lift a baking dish. Evolution and Gravity prevail!!! Now... A name... Meet Paul Newman!

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