Pond-Water and Athlete's Foot Stew

I finished my second Sprint Triathlon. My overall time was 1:42:15. Not quite the 25 faster (see below) I was aiming for, but there was significant improvement in every event, which is very satisfying. My goal - aside from moving quicker, was to work a lot harder than the first time, too (makes sense, right?). This was also accomplished as was evident from the terrible jaw cramp I got trying to chew a bagel after the race. It was painful, but satisfying and fulfilling in a way I didn't think was possible from a bagel. I'm happy about my performance but still have a lot of room for improvement.

Swim Time:
Bike Time:
Run Time
T1 0:02:10

T2 0:01:51

The first tri swim I did was 800 meters, and I did it in 21:32. The second swim was 1000 meters and I did that in 24:34 minutes. Adjusted for the distance and lack of turn and push-offs, I would like to say I moved about
3 minutes faster swimming than last time. My total transition time was 4:01 minutes, this is 2:14 minutes faster transitioning. I was exactly 6:18 minutes faster biking. And finally, the biggest improvement was 8:38 minutes faster running.

All this for a total improvement of
20 Minutes and 10 Seconds faster than my first triathlon. Only 5 minutes shy of my original goal.

My next goal is to finish 10 minutes faster than this last triathlon. Again, I have a feeling the largest improvement will come from running - I'm seeing an orthopedist to get rid of some knee pain problems I have been living with for a while. Free from pain, I will be able to train a lot harder and move a lot faster.

Training Log Graphs:


Tri Pic

Buff and Lancaster at Spring Meadow lake.

Tri Pic

Resting in the shade.

Tri Pic

Jaw cramps trying to eat a eat a bagel after the race... WTF?


How You Doin'?

This is my first race since my triathlon. It's only a 5k run but it was a good one for me. 32 minutes(10 minutes faster than last time!) with an average heart rate of 170 and 180 max. Knee pain was manageable. July 13th - Bring on the next Tri!!

From Perfect-Timing.org:

There were 8 finishers in the Male 20 to 29 age group and
80 finishers in your distance. A total of 179 runners signed
up for the inaugural race.

Your overall finish place was 57 and your age group finish place
was 7. Your overall finish percentile was 71 while your age group
percentile was 88. Your time of 32:19.1 gave you a 10:25 pace per mile.