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I finished my second Sprint Triathlon. My overall time was 1:42:15. Not quite the 25 faster (see below) I was aiming for, but there was significant improvement in every event, which is very satisfying. My goal - aside from moving quicker, was to work a lot harder than the first time, too (makes sense, right?). This was also accomplished as was evident from the terrible jaw cramp I got trying to chew a bagel after the race. It was painful, but satisfying and fulfilling in a way I didn't think was possible from a bagel. I'm happy about my performance but still have a lot of room for improvement.

Swim Time:
Bike Time:
Run Time
T1 0:02:10

T2 0:01:51

The first tri swim I did was 800 meters, and I did it in 21:32. The second swim was 1000 meters and I did that in 24:34 minutes. Adjusted for the distance and lack of turn and push-offs, I would like to say I moved about
3 minutes faster swimming than last time. My total transition time was 4:01 minutes, this is 2:14 minutes faster transitioning. I was exactly 6:18 minutes faster biking. And finally, the biggest improvement was 8:38 minutes faster running.

All this for a total improvement of
20 Minutes and 10 Seconds faster than my first triathlon. Only 5 minutes shy of my original goal.

My next goal is to finish 10 minutes faster than this last triathlon. Again, I have a feeling the largest improvement will come from running - I'm seeing an orthopedist to get rid of some knee pain problems I have been living with for a while. Free from pain, I will be able to train a lot harder and move a lot faster.

Training Log Graphs:

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