My Big Fat Triathlon

I Tri'd My Best...

Technically, it was a Sprint Triathlon - a shorter faster version of an Olympic length triathlon. Sprint = 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike, 3 mile run. First and foremost, I did not cry before or after the finish line. I did a lot of sweating and that may have looked like crying but I assure it was only my skin crying from exhaustion.

My second, although previously unstated, goal was to get some profound insight into my soul, a deeper understanding of myself and my ambitions in life, or at the very least an overpowering sense of self satisfaction from competing something that only a year ago would have been enough to scare me into getting really hammered and I don't know... Drive around or something. In this regard, upon crossing the finish line resulted in complete and utter failure but not total dissatisfaction. My friend Mark Lancaster (no relation) told me he started running and didn't get that clarity/satisfaction/deeper understanding for a long time after he started running, so I am going to trust his wisdom (since it has helped me on more than one occasion) and go ahead and keep at it...

The one thing I did get at the finish line was complete and utter exhaustion. I had swam 1/2 mile faster than I've ever swam before (21 minutes - grease lightening if your name is Denver), biked 10 miles and hit the wall so to speak for miles 10-12 (46 minutes) and got off my bike and tried to run a total of 3 miles (42 minutes - long story). Every muscle and joint I used in the previous 2 hours hurt. It was either cramped, completely limp, or it just hurt. It was the most miserable I can remember feeling in a LONG time. I hated it. I'm going to do it again in 5 weeks.

Swim 21:32
Bike 46:18
Run 42:18
Transition 6:15

The Plan
This race served as a good starting point. My swim can be improved dramatically if I can build the endurance to swim continually and turn around effeciently. As it is, I get to the end of the pool, stand up, cough up a lot of water, breathe, and jump back in and go. Biking can be improved by starting a real training routine instead of going out once or twice a week for 12 miles and riding until my legs hurt, then whining some more - so my plan is to begin a structured bicycling exercise routine. Running - this was truly a pathetic low for me for more reasons than I care to count. One thing I wasn't read for was knee pain. I had a surgery a year ago on my left knee. After the first mile of running (very slow) my knee started to hurt - it got to a point where I had to walk until the pain went away and jog again. Unfortunately this didn't even allow me to run hard or long enough to get my heart rate up - SO, one of my biggest goals in the next 5 weeks is to strength train my left knee and hopefully run and condition it to a point where there is no pain running. My transition time was also pathetic - so I will work on cutting this in half. My goal for for my next triathlon is to finish 25 minutes faster than the first - most of this will come from running. My goal is to maintain at least a 10min/mile pace.

Below are some pictures... Click on the image to make it larger. Camera work is fuzzy - I blame Dave Conners.

Very quickly, my bike (again if you missed the first time) and my slow turn.

Too bad I couldn't keep that thumbs-up attitude through the entire race...

These two are going on my resume for Baywatch.

Go Denver!!