Where's my 40?

Practical exams, I've decided, isn't about showing off what you've learned - it's strictly an endurance test.  Yeah you have to do stuff.  Hopefully it's stuff you've been doing for weeks now.  With MM and MAP out of the way, now only an NM practical and 4 final exams stand between me and my third clinical rotation which should (final grades pending) be in Hastings Nebraska at Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital.  I also got word today that CE IV is going to put me in Irving Texas at the Centre for Neuro Skills - a dedicated neuro rehab facility.  It's another long commute, but definitely quality added.  CE III (out of order, sorry) is going to be in Grand Junction at Soar PT with Britt Smith.  I am psyched for that, too!

On a side note, I'm writing now because I managed to lock myself out of the house and haven't mustered the energy yet to jump the 6' fence yet.  I want to be a PT, not be IN PT.  Just sitting on my patio watching ants. They are back and massed up just below the first step of the porch.  I've kinda been playing tower defense against them.  They managed to take a caterpillar hostage - that's been kind of interesting to watch, I guess.

5 more evaluative activities and then released (mostly) from the shackles of academia to ACTUALLY DO GOOD.  Happy finals everyone. 

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