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     So sometime around spring break this year I thought it would be good to buy a new toy tool.  I wanted a tablet for school mostly so I could read journal articles (more sustainable than printing them, right?).  That was the big excuse.  Since I bought it, I have managed to sell my cell phone and go off contract completely (no more cell bill) and no longer scan coffee shops and class rooms for seats close to an electrical outlet for my now cumbersome feeling netbook.  Not bad for under 300 bucks!  It isn't without hiccups here and there, but nothing I haven't found some kind of a workaround for.    

The Homescreen!  Circle Launcher used to set up sweet looking buttons stolen from the Wind7HD something or other theme for ADW Launcher.
This is a thought of possible clinical significance - I can resize the little white circles so that only a couple would fit on the screen.  This gtablet has to be cheaper than some of the "talky" buttons and systems set up to help children with disabilities communicate better - and Android lends itself to easy customization for anyone with patience.  Cheap(ish) easily customizable talky tool? Maybe...

All 3 home screens - I can swipe left to right for calendar/organizer/mail, or news/social networking/media.  Center for app launchers and a sweet clock! 

Even geekier if you've read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galexy. 

This is the boot screen.  It was a pain in the butt I can't even begin to explain to get this to boot as an image instead of the stupid viewsonic birds and ugly green and black G-tablet logo.  Don't Panic, in large friendly letters. Nice visual cue in the midst of my final full 16 wk semester of grad school. I still wouldn't recommend this modification to anyone that didn't want to learn to compile in linux.  Enjoy.  If you've got a gtablet and you're running Calkulin's 1.1 Rom, I can send you the boot image and you can have "Don't Panic" on yours, too, without the stress of linux. 

 Revned911's Apps on the ViewSonic G Tablet
Favorites are yellow, green is stuff I don't think I could survive without.  Otherwise enjoy a huge clumsy list of everything running on my Gtab.

View this Android app list on AppBrain

I'm not trying to sell this or anything, but THUMB keyboard is awesome. SlideIt is a crumby knock off of Swype (which I can't get to work) but gets the job done when I need it to. 

My keyboard.  If you zoom in it says "Genius"  Light weight and cheap, but corded.  All the kids at school make fun of me for my corded keyboard.
I made this from a pile of junk (see previous post).  2 binder clips, a door hinge, and some sugru to keep it from scratching

View from the rear.  Also showcases my sweet carbon-fiber stick on vinyl covering.  This is way better than the stupid G-tablet logo and a nice texture.  

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