Goal #1

Goal #1: Become Dr. Denver

I'm 4 and a half years into my undergrad career. Right now I'm taking 1 graduate class in Exercise Physiology and doing undergraduate research. I'm set to graduate this December. I have a ~3.5 something GPA. That's on the low end for applying to Physical Therapy schools but I'm going to give it a try anyway. I haven't really visited any schools yet, but I think I have a couple months to figure that out. I still need to schedule a test date to take my GRE and I have to do that before I start sending in applications.

Most of what I have been doing up to this point has been resume building... In the past I've done a lot of work with people - I was an Resident Advisor, Assistant Resident Director, and Summer Resident Director on campus while I lived there. I moved off campus and got a job as a Resident Assistant at an assisted living community (pass meds, ADLs, Showers, Laundry, Emergency Response...). Currently I work at the same Assisted Living community where I am the Restorative Aid. Basically, I work with the residents and physical therapists to do exercise programs once the residents are discharged from Physical Therapy. I also do some exercise classes.

I am going to do my best to chronicle the steps I take and the efforts made to get me into and successfully out of graduate school.

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