GCB ride! Ryan's first ride.  No big deal.
GCB ride! Ryan's first ride. No big deal.

A major part of my weight loss plan this year has been drinking beer.  Yep.  Beer.  Beer has helped me lose weight.  How??  With a 26 mile round trip ride from my house to Golden City Brewery.  I have great friends that go on this ride with me on a regular basis!  

Seriously though, I have been biking a lot more, and am now down to 222 - 1 pound away from the 40lb mark!!!!  It hasn't been a dramatic or life changing story.  There wasn't anything except a little confidence and a lot of boredom that led to me riding my bike more, and swimming a little bit while I was on my last clinical rotation.  Once I started SEEING and FEELING the weight loss (ease of sleeping, pants sizes dropping, pretty girls smiling at me, etc...) I became more motivated, rode a little more, and then started eating a little less.  Baby Steps.   It felt like the first 20 pounds came off over night.  It came off so fast I was actually worried it was a little unhealthy.  Once I got under 240 it started slowing down - being back in class might have changed the trajectory, as well.  Still, my weight is trending downward.  

261 lbs on Memorial Day 2011.  

Goal: 215 by Halloween.  

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