Do more, eat less, eat better. Cheating is okay.

This was a great article I read recently about one man's struggle dramatic weight loss without a dramatic struggle.  The writer did a great job hitting every part of being fat and changing - what it feels like, social stigma, how people responded to the weight loss, all the failed fad diets and failed attempts, self efficacy, environment, support, mechanics, goals, etc...All the weight loss took  was a change in lifestyle activity!  That's it.  He started walking more (partially because he had to moving to New York).  He saw  a nutritionist at one point, when he came to a plateau, worked out a simple plan and lost even more.  He said he wanted to cheat and eat things he shouldn't, and did sometimes.  He ended on a note which was particularly poignant about encouraging other people to make change - basically that you can't.  The process is simple, but it either takes motivation or forced lifestyle change. Change will happen when the pain of the solution is less than the pain of the problem.

How I Lost 80 Pounds!

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