Kitchen PC

My latest project. I took apart an old laptop and reversed the screen. Running an older version of ubuntu as th os which replaced windows xp. I also tried Puppy Linux, Slitaz, netbook remix, android, chrome, jollicloud, mint, and one or two other operating systems that did not bear fruit.

I found a cheapo mini wireless keyboard and had to order additional ram to bring the old laptop up to speed. There are broken coat hangers bent into brackets to hold the laptop in place, and zip ties keeping the cords out of view.

Its in place as a dedicated kitchen pc. I tabbed and book marked various meal planning websites, extensions, and applications. Lots of different timers, organizers, and index applications for recipes and cooking. Springpad is the tool i think i will rely on the most. There are also a few multimedia apps for streaming and uploading music from various sources, including dropbox as a means for uploading media from remote locations easily. I'm open to thoughts and ideas for making this more functional.

1 project down, 11 to go.

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